Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Catfight at the Chomsky chat

I too endured the Chomsky love-fest. The room was so crowded I had to sit on the floor behind a tripod camera filming Chomsky's every word, no doubt for prime-time viewing on C-Span or that grainy independent socialist station in NYC.

High point: During the Q&A session, an impassioned young student got up to demand an explanation from Chomsky for why he supported sanctions against Iran ten years ago, and why he hasn't "supported workers' rights." He cut her off, sneering, "This is the Spartacus [socialist group] line, isn't it? Yeah--we're all tired of this."
(I for one didn't know the Sparties had deemed Chomsky not-leftist-enough, and looked forward to hearing his rebuttal. It never came.)
Then Professor Jeffrey Sachs, leading enviroDemocrat who'd organized the Chomksy lecture, ran up to the podium and told the girl to "just sit down."
Talk about suppressing dissent! Not that I mind; nothing's funnier than infighting among the ranks of the loonies. And when Sachs ordered the Spartacus girl, a student paying a bundle to attend events like these, to shut up, he gestured to the next person in line to ask a question (while the girl was still speaking). Next in line: yours truly.

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marco said...

What did you ask? You clearly had much more endurance then I, since by the time the Q&A came around i had had enough. After the entire hour i still had no idea about what he was getting at. He talked about how all presidents since Adams have reserved the right to use preemptive war, and that the Bush's administration's policy was actually tamer than Clinton's; it was just made more public. He stated that the only justification for war is defensive purposes (something that i don’t really have a problem with). He then cited the only three regimes that have ever made legitimate altruistic war (and i honestly couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not, scary) Hitler in Sudanland (I think that is the place), Mussolini somewhere I don’t remember, and North Korea in Manchuria. So what was he getting at, Clara can you enlighten me!?