Monday, January 01, 2001

About us

Mission statement The mission of the Columbia University Libertarians is to promote, through educational and political activity, the principles of libertarianism.

Membership Membership is open to all students, alumni, faculty and staff of Columbia University and its affiliated schools.

Mailing list To join our mailing list, send an email to, with a blank subject and this in the message body: subscribe libertarians-all

Meetings Meetings are held during the fall and spring semesters and anyone interested is encouraged to stop by.


DagTag said...

Hi Guys! My name is Pia and I am a Columbia grad student. I am also a fervent libertarian, have written for Mises and my own blog. I am not sure if you guys were aware of this but Rand Paul will be coming next Wednesday for a fundraiser in New York. Tickets are $25. August 5th at Webster Hall from 7-9pm.

I will be attending the CU Libertarian meeting on Tuesday and look forward to meeting you. I hope you all can attend this event!

Rich B said...

I wanted to reach out to your group as we are trying to get all NYC Libertarians together for a meetup/mixer at the Manhattan Libertarian Chapter on Monday, November 14th, at the Ukrainian Restaurant at 140 Second Avenue from 7:00 to 10:00 pm (the last hour we will move into the bar area). They have a large back room that can accommodate a lot of people.

The guest speak is Jim Agresti of Just Facts who will be delivering a presentation about factual errors and misleading claims in the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. He will contrast clips from this movie with concrete and meticulously documented facts from Just Facts’ research on global warming.

I can be reached at