Monday, October 05, 2015

Gary Johnson is Coming to Columbia

The Columbia Libertarians, in association with Our America Initiative and Columbia Political Union, are proud to announce a very special talk given by Former Governor and Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, as part of Columbia University's Voting Week.

As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson presided over one of the most successful administrations in the state's history, improving services while simultaneously cutting taxes and spending. As a Presidential candidate, he finished third in the 2012 Presidential elections, and is considering to run again in 2016. A defender of personal and economic liberties, Johnson attracts people from the left and right, pledging to uphold a woman's right to choose, drug law reform, and economic freedom, while cutting big government.

Governor Johnson will speak Friday about his firsthand experience in challenging the political duopoly of the Republican and Democratic parties. He will offer his unique perspectives on a variety of key issues including health care costs and police brutality. Governor Johnson is an expressive and dynamic speaker who will challenge and delight people from all backgrounds and disciplines. He's not Right or Left, he's just right.

The talk will be held on Friday, October 9th, in Roone Arledge Cinema. The talk is expected to last from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Please spread the word around campus and invite your friends. Please do not miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Meeting on September 22

The club will be meeting at 8:00pm today, September 22, in Hamilton 304. This meeting should be pretty fun. We will be going over the highlights of the recent Republican debates and discussing how the candidates’ statements hold up against key libertarian concepts.

There are also two events later this week that might be of interest.

MilVets and the GS Alliance are holding a discussion regarding the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy this Thursday, September 24. The details are attached, and the Facebook event is here. You are all welcome to attend.

Engineers Without Borders is hosting a screening of the documentary “What Are We Doing Here?” about the failures of Western aid to Africa this Friday, September 25. The Facebook event is here.

Monday, September 14, 2015

First Meeting: September 15

Dear CUL Members,
            We hope that your school year is off to a great start. The club certainly is. We collected more than 300 signatures at the Activities Fair. That is our best record in years. We’re very happy to see so many young people expressing their interest in libertarianism.
            Tomorrow, September 15th, is Battle of Britain Day. On this date, 75 years ago, the Royal Air Force downed 56 attacking German aircraft, effectively destroying all German hopes of conquering the island. We salute the heroism of those pilots. 
            The first CUL meeting of the semester will also take place on September 15th, at 8:00pm. The scheduled location is Hamilton 304, but this is subject to change. There will be additional updates if a room change is necessary.
            Most of our meetings last approximately an hour, but this meeting is probably going to be shorter. It’ll be an information meeting in which we inform our new members to the executive board, the libertarian philosophy, and future events. Feel free to bring some food and friends.
            If you are not yet on the CUL mailing list, please email and make a request. The mailing list is the most reliable means of communication between club leaders and the general body.

            Enjoy the rest of the week. We hope to see you guys there!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Join Us at the Activities Fair on Friday the 11th

Hey everyone! It's been a hectic first week of classes, but we're excited about Activities Fair on Friday afternoon. There will be hundreds of clubs out there, so do not waste this opportunity to explore all the extracurricular activities that Columbia has to offer. 

Make sure to bring your friends and stop by the Libertarians' table to sign up for the mailing list and pick up some great libertarian swag. We'll be giving away awesome pins and books. Expand your knowledge and your wardrobe!

CUL Election Results: 2015

The past year was a busy time for us at CUL, and we have even more amazing events planned out for the year ahead. In order to better organize future events and spread the libertarian message, the CUL has elected a new executive board. Please join us on Tuesdays at 8:00pm to partake in our perspicacious discourses on American politics.

Election Results:
Co-President: Noelle Wyman

Co-President: Noah Zinsmeister

Treasurer: Nathan Lyons

Chief Operating Officer: Meredith Dubree

Chief Administrative Officer: Jeramiah Wegner

Chief Marketing Officer: Hans Gao

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Dr. Block Comes to Columbia, Regional Liberty Conference

CUL has two exciting events coming up!

1) Dr. Walter Block will be speaking this Monday (Nov. 10th) in Hamilton 702 about several economics greats: Smith, Hayek, and Mises. A flyer for the event is below. Anyone interesting in having dinner with Dr. Block before the talk or drinks with him afterwards should reply to this email indicating as such.

2) We also have an exciting conference in partnership with SFL coming up on November 15th. Here’s a registration link:

Hope you'll be able to make it to both of these great events.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Film Screening

Join CUL on April 30th at 6PM in Lerner 569 for a free film screening of 100 Signatures. This documentary follows a teacher running for Congress as an independent. After the film, a Q&A of the film and the producer will follow. As small "l" libertarians, we're very sympathetic to principled candidates of all parties, and we're very excited to discuss the subject after this screening!

For more information, check out the Facebook event.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4/23 Elections

Do you want to get more involved with CUL? This is your chance. We will be holding elections for next year's officers on Wednesday, April 23rd. All positions and responsibilities are listed below. This post will be updated with more information as election day approaches, and we will also be posting updates on our Facebook page. Be sure to check back often, and do consider running for office!


  • Delegating tasks to club members
    • Ensuring board members are fulfilling their responsibilities 
  • Being the “face” of the club
    • Public spokesperson/representative
  • Maintaining contact with and being available to other clubs’ leaders
  • Responsible for E-Board meetings
    • Voting
  • Lead an effort to construct/update a “Constitution” for CUL

Director of Public Relations

  • Intergroup Affairs
    • Stays on other clubs email lists and looks for opportunities to cosponsor events
    • Responsible for interacting with clubs that we may have intersecting interests with, like CUCR, an Objectivist club, etc.
    • Contacts other clubs for joint/cosponsor events
  • Promotes CUL events by taking out adds in Bwog or Spec
  • Getting at least one article out a semester by talking to Spectator, Bwog, Columbia Political Review, and anyone else about opportunities for written responses to policy or other Op-Eds
    • Finding a CUL member to write


  • Keeping track of club finances
    • Budget (making sure it’s legal, ethical, etc.)
  • Responsible for filling out FTFs for both CUL events and Co-sponsorships
  • Responsible for ALL room bookings by default, unless another member volunteers
  • SGB rep!
    • Attends Town hall meetings
    • Handles budget requests
  • Responsible for fundraising

Communications Officer

  • Weekly Emails 
    • Synthesizing and compiling information about events from club members and from outside relevant organizations and events
    • Sending mass email out at a set, predictable time (i.e. every Monday morning)
    • Responsible for making the email look professional and easy to read and maintaining membership list
  • Monitoring meetings and events
    • Sign-in sheet/attendance record (for every meeting and event, to keep track of every member’s dedication)
    • Typing up important notes for every meeting, which will be kept in an online database
    • Voting records
  • Creative: (*Note – could be another position)
    • Making unique flyers for each event
    • Coming up with other creative content for the club
  • In charge of CUL’s online presence – website/blog, Facebook, other social networking

Director of Operations

  • Recruitment:
    • Organizing tabling at special times
    • Activities Day in September every year
    • Activities day in January?
    • Days on Campus in April
    • Other opportunities as they come up (i.e. Chinese Cultural Night)
    • CUL’s own events
    • At least one regular tabling each semester
    • Recruiting new members!!
  • Debate:
    • Talking to CPU, and all other groups, on a regular basis about organizing debates.
    • Going to the meetings with said groups to work out details of the debates
    • Finding a member of our group to participate
  • Social:
    • Charitable outreach
    • Social events